Pair of Blue & Gold Macaws

Male & Female

Nearly 2.5 years old

Both are tame

Very good feathers

They come off there cage, sometimes have a fly around the room. Both can be handled. Blue will sit on your shoulder and let u walk around with him. Doris likes to stay in the same room where there cage is kept. Blue will also come down off the cage and walks around to find you if you are not in the same room as him.

They both eat very well, love fruit, veg, seed etc. They will eat anything you give them.

They talk, they say tickle tong, tickle bum, come on baby, help, say our names and lots more. They pick up new words very easily very clever birds. Very funny to watch. Like playing catch and tuck of war.

They come with a large corner cage. It’s not bad condition they have pulled some paint off the cage in places.

Looking to swap for a one baby green wing or scarlet macaw

Contact name : Sophia Guinto
Price: $650

Place : Sydney,Australia
Publish Date : 18-11-2017
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