This chapter appears early on in the book and lays the foundation for the rest of the book. Getting a good understanding of the way sex is perceived by the Scorpio guy helps the reader to understand the reasoning behind his most secret desires and fantasies, which, rightly or wrongly, are actually completely exposed in later chapters in the book. We were pleased to see that this chapter does not only talk about the positive traits of the Scorpio and wind up being a giant ego boost for any Scorpio male that ends up reading it. Instead, this chapter talks about both the positive and negative sides of the Scorpio personality and explains exactly what a woman needs to know if she’s going to engage in a sexual relationship with him.
Since sex is such a critical factor in a relationship to a Scorpio more so than any other sign, this chapter definitely needs to be included in this book and gives a good insight into what he likes. In this chapter, Anna tells you about what sex is like with a Scorp male, and also how you need to be with him in order to satisfy him. Anna implies that if you follow her advice the reader should be able to experience new heights of pleasure with him that she may likely not have experienced before.
She then goes on to tell you exactly what you need to know to make him crazy with desire for you and push all his hot buttons. Some of the things that drive a Scorpio wild are considered taboo by most, so reading this book will give most women the much-needed reassurance that doing these things with a Scorpio man is absolutely okay in his eyes and will actually be greatly welcomed. This chapter also guides the reader on the kind of things she needs to do in order to stimulate these levels of arousal in her Scorpio man.

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