Sextrology is rather similar to traditional astrology, however, with sextrology, we are specifically looking at the areas of the chart that relates to the celestial energetic and planets that are concerned with one’s passions, animalistic desires, primal sexual drives and the deepest longings and needs of a person. Understanding your own and also your partners Sextrology will enable you to have a deeper and more enriched sexual experience that you and your partner will not forget.
When dealing with sextrology, the planets of Mars and Pluto along with the asteroid, Eros, and the 5th, 7th and 8th houses are the most crucial to focus on when analyzing the chart. The 5th, 7th and 8th houses are the spheres which speak of love, flirtation, indulgence and what type of person would best suit you to hook up with romantically. They can also give a good insight into the exact times in a person’s life when the primal urges awaken to the point where they can’t be ignored. When we look at the planets, Mars is prominent due to its association with passion, desire, sexual drive, virile energy and even lust. Knowing where Mars appears in your chart will shine a light on how and why you have the desires that you do.
The function of the planet Pluto shows how one opens to and accepts their sexuality. This planet is also related to a person’s more darker urges and wants. The asteroid, Eros is also significant in sextrology as it shows a person’s more erotic desires and primal urges. When having a Sextrology reading for yourself and your significant other or intended lover, whether you create the chart yourself (if you have the know-how), or you get a professional astrologer to create one for you, you can literally gain insights that can give you detailed instruction to be able to fulfill yours and your partners deepest needs and innermost desires. Being able to fulfill these needs for your partner is a gift that they likely would not have ever received from any other lover in their pa

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